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ISO 9001 Certified Metal Fabrication Company

  • As a business owner, strategic planner, or purchasing agent, part of your role is managing your vendors. While researching suppliers, perhaps you have noticed products or services referencing ISO 9001. What does this designation mean—and why should you care about it?


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What does ISO 9001 mean?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed an international standard for requirements for a company’s quality management system  Although ISO is the organization that came up with these standards, it’s important to note that they do not certify companies, rather it establishes an international system of Registrars that audit individual company’s compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.  Firms with a quality program that meets the standard are given a registration certificate indicating compliance.   In general, a firm that has an ISO 9001 registration has a quality system in place that ensures that it has the policies and the procedures in place to offer products and services that meet expectations and comply with applicable specifications.

  • The Benefits to Our Customers:

    ISO 9001 means that our company’s processes included in the Quality program are audited regularly to ensure that we are offering the highest possible quality of service.

    Companies working with ISO 9001 registered businesses will reap the following benefits:

      • Quick resolution of customer issues.
      • Constant review and monitoring of process performance and part conformance.
      • Reliable delivery of quality products.
      • Flexibility of production schedules.

    K-zell Metals is proud to be an ISO 9001 certified metal fabrication company.

  • How We Implement ISO 9001

  • K-zell Metals is committed to a process of continuous improvement to further the success of the business.  A key tenant of the ISO 9001 -2015 standard is continuous improvement. Rather than have a separate Quality program, K-zell Metals is committed to developing its business processes to fully embrace and utilize the ideas and goals of the ISO Standard.K-zell Metals is transitioning all of its business and quality manuals, operating procedures, work instructions and most documented information from paper to digital. As part of this transition, K-zell Metals has combined its Business Processes and its Quality system into one inter-related process (BQS).The BQS is a Flow Chart system. It is developed as a multi-level system. The top level consists of the enabling documents and processes. This level establishes the structure and policies that are used to manage and run the business. The second level details the business processes that are used to support the product realization process. The third level is the main stages in the product realization process. The  deeper levels are linked flow charts that document discrete steps in those processes.The flow charts are hyperlinked to each other and are developed to describe the processes from different perspectivesEach of these flow charts documents the inputs required, the individual or group responsible for performing the process, the method of documenting the process outputs, where the documented information is to be retained and for how long the information will be retained.The flow charts also contain hyperlinks to the current revision of appropriate forms. Where possible these forms are to be digitally completed and retained.The BQS resides on all K-zell Metals’ computers so that all employees have access to the portions of the system that they need to use. Where appropriate short cuts can be placed on the desktop screen to provide easy access to that employee’s most processes. Properly structured this eliminates the need for written manuals and procedures that are most often not read, understood or followed. The goal is to make it easier to do the work correctly than not.Revision control is built into the system to ensure that only the latest versions of the flow charts, documents, and processes are useable.We believe that this total integration of all our processes helps us provide you with the most reliable fabrication services.  For more information about out Business Quality System and how we can help you solve your fabrication needs, please contact us.