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CNC Equipment Operator

JOB SUMMARY:  Setup and Operate CNC laser, press brake, tube bender, and  Robotic weld cell, to produce high quality parts.  Work productively and safely in production environment.  Use a computer to accurately track job and shop costs.  Identify correct tooling to set up and run CNC equipment.  Read and understand technical drawings and translate information into programs for CNC equipment.  Perform operator maintenance on equipment and operate a forklift.


  1. Produce the highest quality work possible in accordance with and offer suggestions for improving K-zell Metals’ quality program.
  2. Work productively and safely by following all company policies and procedures.
  3. Help track job and shop costs by accurately entering information as required on the computer and shop records.
  4. Identify and install correct tooling and material required for each job.
  5. Set up and execute program to properly cut, bend, or weld material to job requirements.
  6. Inspect work product to job requirements.
  7. Perform operator level maintenance.


  1. Perform operator level maintenance on CNC and ancillary equipment
  2. Use shop job computer for keeping time and job costing.
  3. Maintain equipment tooling inventory.
  4. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Pass the basic K-zell Metals shop test.
  2. Ability to read and understand technical drawings.
  3. Math skills including fractions and angles
  4. Ability to use calipers, micrometers and angle finders and other measuring equipment..
  5. Ability to operate variety of shop tools including power and manually operated wrenches.
  6. General computer operator abilities.
  7. Ability to maintain consistent attendance.


  1. CNC experience.
  2. Ability to program at the machine.
  3. Must be able to communicate (speak, read, comprehend, write) in English
  4. Spanish as second language is a plus

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