CNC Press Brake Operator


As a CNC Press Brake Operator you will be operating one of 4 Bystronic 6-axis hydraulic press brakes with sectionalized tooling.

As a CNC Press Brake Operator, you will be part of skilled team of craftsmen working with state of the art machinery.  Your input will help determine how we approach each project, and develop the plan for turning customer designs into quality finished products. You will be tasked to read and interpret fabrication drawings as you layout and form the various parts of the project. You will be challenged to produce parts pushing the limits of what a press brake can do from parts requiring careful sequencing of bends to bump forming tapered radii.  You will use your forming skills to produce exacting and cosmetically appealing products. We encourage thinking outside the box to make us more competitive.


1. Carefully review and interpret Shop Drawings & forming programs to make good parts the first time.

2. Verify tooling selection, inspect tooling, set tooling in place and run first article parts. 

3. Run Bend samples to help determine correct k-factors for new materials.

4. Run production parts, and perform periodic in-process inspection of parts.

5. Assist and participate in cross-training with other team members to enhance everyone’s skill level.

6. Load and unload material on the Material Handling system.

7. Assist in the design and fabrication of tooling such as robotic weld fixtures and inspection gages.

8. Participate in Project reviews both in bid and contract award stages to ensure product manufacturability.

9. Help solve fabrication problems.

Your skills and credentials:

1. Above-average computer skills.

2. Minimum of 5 years manufacturing and fabrication experience, with preferably 3 years of sheet metal experience.

3.  Minimum of 2 years of Press Brake experience.

4.  Skilled in the use of Calipers and protractors.