Welding Leadman


Manage day to day welding operations.  Manage welding team to complete work orders as directed by Shop Superintendent.  Plan and organize welding workflow.  Work with welding staff to keep equipment in working order.  Set and Adjust welding equipment as needed.  Help interpret drawings and procedures for welding team. Facilitate Welder Qualifications and track qualification status of all welders. This position reports to the Shop Superintendent.


1. Produce the highest quality work possible in accordance with and offer suggestions for improving K-zell Metals’ quality program.

2. Work productively and safely by following all company policies and procedures.

3. Help track job and shop costs by accurately entering information as required on the computer and shop records.

4. Manage day-to-day welding operations.

5. Keep welding jobs on schedule and within time estimates

6. Facilitate Welder Qualifications.

7.  Responsible for welding equipment and keeping it in working order.


1. Perform welding work as needed.

2. Testing new welders and evaluating their skills to make a hire/no-hire recommendation.

3. Other duties as assigned.


1. Proficient in MIG & TIG Welding

2. Must be able to read blueprints

3. Ability to set and adjust welding equipment to match welding procedures

4. Basic computer skills

5. Basic maintenance knowledge

6. Ability to develop proficiency software used by K-zell Metals

7. Ability to maintain consistent attendance


1. Minimum 10 years welding experience

2. Minimum 3 years Supervisor experience

3. Certified Welding Supervisor Certificate preferred

4. Must be able to communicate (speak, read, comprehend, write) in English.