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CNC Drilling & Milling Services

Long Bed Drilling and Milling Services

K-zell Metals has a TRD25-02 long bed mill that is well suited for precision machining of Hollow Structural Shapes (HSS). The FlexCNC drills, mills, taps, and bevels large parts in one setup. It allows multiple features to be created on face of the part over long lengths without repositioning.  We offer custom drilling and milling services for a variety of industries and metals, including aluminum and steel. 


FlexDrill CNC TRD 25-02 long bed vertical machining center has these features

  • 24” x 300” bed
  • 16” Z height
  • 6000 rpm 18 HP spindle
  • 10 tool automatic tool changer
  • Cat 40 Tool holders
  • +/- 0.010” tolerance over 300”
  • Stationary Welded steel table for extra heavy parts
  • Tooled for Flow Drill and Flow Tapping

K-zell Metals can utilize your Solidworks model and MasterCam to develop the CNC programs to machine your parts accurately, quickly and efficiently.

Long parts can be inspected with our 3 meter Romer Absolute Arm, a portable coordinate measuring machine, running PC-Dmis inspection software.

CNC Drilling and Milling services