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Industries Served

Our award winning combination of decades of experience, design and engineering expertise has allowed K-Zell Metals to supply quality products for some of the industries listed below.


K-zell Metals offline programing software and skilled operators can produce parts with tight tolerances, exceptional quality & feature resolution. This results in higher quality parts with lower production costs.

Air Filtration

We can produce complete components or subassemblies as well as furnish simple cut and/or bent parts. We also have the capabilities to fabricate, assemble, and finish (via outside service partners) your parts for true turnkey contract manufacturing services. Our ability to handle any of your fabrication needs has provided us with an extensive range of capabilities.


K-zell Metals can utilize your Solidworks or other CAD models and drawings to develop the CNC programs and fabrication documents to manufacture your project with an exception level of aesthetic quality.


K-zell Metals offers edge rounding and deburring using our Lissmac SBM-L 1500 G1S2 -60 machine to make you laser cut and formed parts ready to finish. Edge rounding is particularly beneficial for parts that are going to be painted or powder coated.  Both liquid and powder coatings have surface tension conditions that tend to thin the coating out when sharp edges are present. Edge rounding softens the corners reducing the thinning effect resulting in better coating performance and resistance to chipping.


K-zell Metals has an extensive tooling library for the press brakes that allow selection of the optimum tooling to bend your parts. 

Electrical Equipment

K-zell Metals has several CNC press brakes to meet your most demanding sheet metal forming needs. We regularly process carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper alloys in thicknesses from 20ga up to ½” plate. K-zell Metals has an extensive tooling library for the press brakes that allow selection of the optimum tooling to bend your parts.


K-zell Metals is your complete source for CNC Sheet & Plate Laser Cutting services. Our large format 10KW fiber laser has a 2m (80”) x 4m (160”) cutting area and the machine offers a superior range of cutting capabilities at state-of-the-art speeds. The machine is combined with automated material handling to provide rapid turnaround of large quantity orders.

Water Filtration

K-zell Metals, Inc has over 30+ years of experience as a well-established metal fabrication contract manufacturing and job-shop firm. We are equipped to handle projects for a wide array of customers across various industries. Our combination of equipment, processes, capabilities, quality control, and industry knowledge provides us the opportunity to manufacture a wide variety of products with great precision for a reasonable cost.


K-zell Metals is your complete source for automated welding services including GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) or MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding. Our 3 robotic welding cells use a programmable robot combined with our in-house designed and manufactured fixtures to completely automate the welding process.

Power Generation

With the help of our OEM software packages, our cutting-edge CNC machines will consistently produce highly accurate parts, lowering manufacturing costs and shortening the time needed for downstream assembly and/or welding processes.


K-zell Metals has invested in a state-of-the-art Bystronic ByStar 10,000 kw 4m x 2m fiber laser to meet all your laser cutting needs. In addition to high-capacity equipment, we cut a variety of materials including, carbon steel, ballistic rated steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, inconel, cobalt, copper, brass, bronze, and aluminum.


K-zell Metals offers custom drilling and milling services for a variety of industries and metals, including aluminum and steel. We have a FlexCNC TRD25-02 long bed mill that is well suited for precision machining of Hollow Structural Shapes (HSS). This machine drills, mills, taps, and bevels large parts in one setup. It allows multiple features to be created on face of the part over long lengths without repositioning.