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Fiber Laser Cutting Services

Why Choose K-zell for Laser Cutting?

In the industrial and commercial sectors laser cutting serves as a high-precision manufacturing method for various parts and components. Laser cutting is known for its ability to cut a variety of metals accurately, repeatably and at fast speeds. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified metal fabricator and contract manufacturer we serve multiple industries with a variety of complex applications using our advanced CNC Laser Cutting capabilities. These industries include, but are not limited to:

  • Oil, Gas & Alternative Energy
  • Military & Defense
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Art
  • Medical
  • Industrial & Commerical Equipment
  • Transportation & Automotive
  • Food
  • Mining

Fiber Laser Cutting Solutions

K-zell Metals has invested in a state-of-the-art Bystronic ByStar 10,000 kw 4m x 2m fiber laser to meet all your laser cutting needs. In addition to high-capacity equipment, we cut a variety of materials including, carbon steel, ballistic rated steel, abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, inconel, cobalt, copper, brass, bronze and aluminum. Whether you require contract manufacturing solutions or sheet/plate cutting services, our laser cutting capabilities allow us to offer high-quality results with short lead times.

Bystronic Bystar 10kw fiber 4020 Laser

    • 10,000 watt solid state Fiber laser cutting system.
    • Equipped with 2 meter by 4 meter shuttle tables
    • Automatic load and unload material handling system.
    • 1” mild steel maximum thickness
    • 1-3/16” Stainless Steel maximum thickness
    • 1-3/16” Aluminum maximum thickness
    • ½” Copper and Brass maximum thickness
    • Nitrogen cutting of mild steel through ½” for oxide free edges ready for powder coating without blasting.

Large Format ByStar Fiber Laser features:

  • 80” x 160” maximum sheet size
  • +/- 0.007” machine cutting accuracy in 1 meter area.
  • Controlled pulse pierce for small hole cutting
  • Cut "tap" size holes ready for tapping / threading
  • Equipped with high volume high purity nitrogen assist gas supply to produce oxide free (non-discolored) cut surfaces on Stainless Steel and Aluminum

What are the Advantages of Using Our Fiber Laser Services?

  • High-accuracy, high-precision and repeatable cuts
  • Cost savings due to lower operating costs
  • High throughput and increased production yield
  • Fast cutting speed for thin materials like sheet metal and light plate

What CNC Metal Laser Cutting Services do you offer?

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Metal Fabrication Company

Our 27,000 square-foot ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities are in Phoenix, AZ. According to the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, shipping costs to California can be up to 75% cheaper than other regional markets. Additionally, data from GPEC shows that cost to operate in the Greater Phoenix area are 36% cheaper than California. Located only 3.6 miles away from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, K-zell is your ideal contract manufacturing and assembly solution for your manufacturing and fabrication needs.