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Sheet & Plate Laser Cutting services

K-zell Metals is your complete source for CNC Sheet & Plate Laser Cutting services.  Our large format 10KW fiber laser has a 2m (79”) x 4m (157”) cutting area and the machine offers a superior range of cutting capabilities at state of the art speeds. The 10KW machine is combined with automated material handling to provide rapid turnaround of large quantity orders. Our offline programing software and skilled operators can produce parts with tight tolerances, exceptional cut edge quality & feature resolution.  This results in higher quality parts with lower production costs.

We have the capabilities to cut a wide variety of metals including carbon steel, stainless steel, inconel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper alloys.


Maximum Cutting Thickness per Alloy:

  • Carbon Steel up to 1” thick.
  • Stainless Steel up to 1-3/16” thick.
  • Aluminum up to 1-3/16” thick.
  • Inconel up to 1-3/16” thick.
  • Brass, Bronze, & Copper up to ½” thick.
Benefits of CNC Laser Cutting on Our Machine:
  • High cutting speeds on thin material resulting in minimal heat distortion.
  • Nitrogen assist gas cutting of mild steel through ½” for oxide free edges ready for powder coating.
  • Exceptional dimensional tolerance control.
  • Near zero draft (slope away from vertical) on cut edges resulting in better part fit up and less post cutting processing.
  • Large format tables allows nesting more parts in larger sheets / plates improving material yield and reducing handling time.
  • Automated material handling allows for 24hr processing schedule to reduce lead times.
  • Precision cutting of tap sized or Hardware sized holes eliminating reaming or other secondary operations.


General Capabilities:
High Volume Contract Manufacturing
Short Run - High Frequency Production
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Industries Served:
Material Handling
CNC Laser Cutting Processes:
Fiber Laser Cutting – 10kw