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Miller Performarc PA360S

Dimensional Specifications*

Cell Width: 5618 mm (221")

Cell Depth: 4567 mm (180")

Cell Height: 2286 mm (90")

Cell Main Base Depth (excluding wings): 3456 mm (136")

Wing Inset (right hand side):  523 mm (20.5")

Wing Inset (left hand side): 802 mm (31.5")

Outboard Positioner CL (from floor): 1025 mm (40.3")

Inboard Positioner CL (from floor): 1578 mm (62.1")

Inboard Positioner CL (from decking): 1403 mm (55.2")

Headstock–Tailstock Span: 3000 mm (118")

Main Axis rotation diameter: 2408 mm (95")

Secondary Axis Rotation Diameter: 1100 mm (43.3")

Main Axis Rotation Height: 1301 mm (51.2")

Robot Height (from floor): 1264 mm (49.7")

Light Curtain Opening: 4038 mm (159")

Robot CL to Positioner Faceplate (single robot cell): 1534 mm (60.4")


Standard Specifications

Fully integrated Panasonic total solution includes:

Panasonic 64Bit 6 kg Arc Welding Robot

Panasonic G2 Controller with teaching pendant utilizing Windows® CE

Panasonic artificially intelligent inverter arc welder

Panasonic wire feeder (dependent on your application)

Panasonic 350A air cooled welding torch

Panasonic torch alignment gauge

Panasonic high speed main indexing servo positioner Panasonic RDV-3000

Pansonic high speed outboard servo positioners PanaDice Type II 500 (2)

Panasonic designed and manufactured total productivity solution


Positioner General Technical Specifications

Main sweep axis

Model Panasonic RDV-3000

Motor type Panasonic 3.5kw AC Digital Servo

Control type Robot Servo Control

Rotation time (180 deg index) t=3.0 sec

Through hole (for utility pass through) 100 mm (3.9")

Secondary axis (2)

Model Panasonic Panadice 500 kg Type II

Motor type Panasonic 1kw AC Digital Servo

Control type Robot Servo Control

Payload (per side) 500 kg (1100 lbs)

Payload offset (from positioner CL) Consult PanaDice Manual

Through hole (for utility pass through) 55 mm (2.16")


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