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Ocean Liner Bow Mockup

K-zell Metals worked with Fire Training Structures to fabricate a mockup of the bow of an Ocean going Freighter.  This added a more realistic feel to the firefighting simulator that Fire Training Structures built for a Fuel Terminal.

K-zell Metals transformed the customer’s Solidworks model into panels that could be press brake formed into the vertical plates of the bow and other panels that could be rolled into the bulbous bow.  The panels were laser cut, either rolled or press brake formed and then welded to a structural skeleton that could be dis assembled and shipped to the final job site and quickly re assembled.

K-zell Metals has fabricated bow sections for two different ships.

Bleier Industries Tempe Marketplace

Photo Credit: K-zell Metals

K-zell Metals worked with Bleier Industries to create the sign for Tempe Marketplace. K-zell produced the project by building a 3D model in SolidWorks, and then Laser cut the tubes on the rotary axis. The layout and CNC cutting made fitting the parts go quickly and efficiently.

Lot 15 Mataka Station - New Zealand

Photo Credit: David Hovey Jr.

For the Lot 15 project, K-zell worked with Optima to layout, cut, form, and weld the steel parts for a house being built in New Zealand.

David Hovey, Sr.

Photo Credit: David Hovey Sr.

Artist, David Hovey, Sr. used K-zell Metals to help produce his custom artwork. K-zell provided the laser cutting, forming, and welding. K-zell also coordinated outside powercoating services and crating for shipping. The artwork shown are Curves & Voids Maquette, Duo Maquette, Kiwi, and Lot 20 Sculpture.

Roadside Attraction

Photo Credit: Tom Coffin

"Roadside Attraction" was designed by Tom Coffin and can be found on Route 66 as the first official monument in 1997. It was commissioned by the State of New Mexico Highway Department and the City of Tucumcari in New Mexico.

Library Directional Arrow Signage

 Burton Barr Public Library Custom directional arrow kzell metals phoenix arizona

Photo Credit: K-zell Metals

K-zell Metals provided laser cutting and forming services to fabricate this sign. The sign can be seen outside of Burton Barr Public Library in Phoenix, AZ.

Smithcraft Signs

 Williams Gateway Airport smithcraft outside art fabricated by kzell metals phoenix arizona

Photo Credit: Mike Funk

This entry artwork was created for Williams Gateway Airport. K-zell provided the laser cutting, forming, welding, and finishing services on this project.

Bollinger Atelier- Tom Otterness


Photo Credit: K-zell Metals

Miffy Fountain/ Crying Hello Kitty- Artist Tom Sachs

These parts were made for Bollinger Atleier. They were part of the works by Artist Tom Sachs, Miffy Fountain and Crying Hello Kitty. These were part of an installation at the Paris, France Trocadero.