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Metal Fabrication Business Software Integration

Business Software Integration

K-zell Metals, Inc uses several different software programs that enable it to take customer requests and help turn those requests into the products the customer wants.

The Business Quality System (BQS) is built around two main software packages ProfitFab and Laserfiche. ProfitFab is an operation-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Laserfiche is an integrated Document Management System.

While K-zell Metals does not design products, it creates drawings and processes that ensure the customer’s designs can be manufactured and manufactured in a cost-effective manner. K-zell Metals uses Visual Cadd, Autocad, Solidworks and other engineering software packages to create detailed manufacturing drawings and CNC programs. These drawings and programs are stored electronically in both Laserfiche, on our local network, and in Solidworks PDM.

Estimating, production planning, inventory management, purchasing, shop workflow planning, shop floor orders, job time and material cost tracking, shipping, payroll time tracking and invoicing are all handled within ProfitFab.

ProfitFab creates and maintains an electronic database of key production data. The data is collected in real time and is available to all team members. ProfiFab’s data is supplemented by and linked to other data stored in Laserfiche.

Quality planning and inspections are also handled within ProfitFab. Quality records are filed in Laserfiche or on the local network.

Production team members have access to the BQS, drawings, specifications, work instructions and inspection information at workstations throughout the shop.

The detailed flow charts in the BQS direct the creation of detailed process instructions (Work orders), quality requirements, engineered drawings & CNC programs to allow product completion.

Similarly, the BQS describes the processes used to manage the interaction between the various software packages to provide both control and monitoring of the overall business process.

Material receipt inspections, mill test reports and other certifications are stored in Laserfiche and are rapidly retrievable.  The materials used on individual jobs are recorded on the work orders and are filed in Lasefiche.

Customer Benefits

Our BQS processes in conjunction with our Software ensure that we use the correct drawings and revisions to build your products.  Also that, we use the correct materials, right processes and that the products meet the dimensional, aesthetic, and performance requirements of our customers.

During production real time status is available on where products are in manufacturing.

Depending on the contractual requirements, K-zell Metals can provide material traceability, including mill test reports with shipments, certification that welding was done to qualified welding procedures by qualified welders.