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Customer Testimonials

First of all I want to thank you and your team for all that you did for me over the last few weeks.  I know things came at you fast and not always did I have the answers for you as you needed.  I also know too many times recognition for your efforts sometimes goes unnoticed when dealing with customers.  Not this time!  I can truly say that without your effort & willingness to work with us here at Shadow Mountain Productions, that this past show would have never left our building.  The feedback I have received to date from our team in Orlando, is that the end client loves the stage.  Results such as this, could not have been achieved without you and your staff there, supplying me with the puzzle pieces, to make us look good.  This is a very sincere THANK YOU to all of you at K-zell for meeting our demanding schedule through the holiday season.

Daryl Griffiths
Director of Scenic Studio
Shadow Mountain Productions, Inc.