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The K-zell Story

K-zell Metals, Inc., was established in October of 1986, with the purchase of the assets of an industrial sheet metal shop. The focus of our business has shifted from only industrial dust collection work to specialty fabrication. We are owned and operated by Don Kammerzell, P.E., a Metallurgical Engineer, with over 40 years’ experience in steel fabrication.

Currently, we serve you with an array of custom capabilities. We add value to your products by performing one or more processes that you either lack the time, equipment, or expertise to perform.

Processes include laser cutting, sawing, sheet metal forming (on press brakes or plate and sheet rolls), tube and angle forming (on CNC mandrel tube bender, push rolls, and angle rolls), qualified welding (qualified GTAW & GMAW), robotic welding, and polishing. Materials worked on range from hot rolled mild steel to aluminum, and stainless steel fabrication. Thicknesses, from 26 gage to 1 inch, and up. We have specialized equipment and developed expertise that allows us to process materials in ways that the typical shops in Phoenix cannot. Our specialty is holding tolerances the structural shops are not prepared for on materials the precision shops are not comfortable with. Please click here to see our capabilities in more detail.

Our customer base is quite broad. Our major clients are manufacturers, such as The Cookson Company and Beu-Math Engineering. For these customers, we produce completed components or subassemblies. For other customers such as Nielsen Industries, Triad Steel, Royal Sign, and Elbex Manufacturing, we simply cut, punch or bend customer furnished material. For another group of customers such as Basha's, Bleier Industries, and Horizon Mechanical, we fabricate a complete custom project.

This broad customer base and the ability to provide a wide range of fabrication capabilities, has allowed us to grow. Products produced range from horserace starting gates, industrial dust collection duct work, large industrial centrifugal fans, roof flashings, highway concrete forms, outdoor advertising signs, to polished stainless steel counter tops, door frames and the proverbial special stainless steel "kitchen sink."