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CNC Push Roll Bending

K-zell Metals is your complete source for CNC Push Roll Bending and Roll Bending Services. Our Horn CNC65TBRE machine combined with our tube bending software package can produce tight tolerance parts with great repeatability and efficiency resulting in lower production costs and higher quality parts.

We have an extensive stocked tooling list up to 2-1/2” OD round along with pipe sized, and square profile toolsets. Custom tooling configurations are available on a case by case basis. We offer solutions for unique or asymmetrical profile bending in addition to our standard tube profiles.

CNC Push roll bending is a process used to bend tubing, bar shapes, and extrusion when the centerline radius of the bend is greater than 7x the material diameter. This process can be used in conjunction with rotary draw bending to produce parts that have two different bend radii while maintaining a single machine program and set up.

Benefits of CNC Push Roll Bending (Bend Radius > 7X Tube Diameter):

• Tube Distortion is minimal
• Significant decrease of on machine time when compared to pyramid rolling
CNC controlled push roll forming means part are near identical
• High part volume processing capable

The Ideal Part for CNC Tube Bending Processing:

• Volumes of 50 parts or more per lot run or complex bending sequences
• Parts requiring tighter dimensional tolerance control
• Parts that are difficult for manual benders to make consistently
• Parts that require precise bend angle and tangent location control
• Parts used in Robotic Welding processes
• Sub-assemblies where stack up tolerances are a concern
• Existing production of manual bending quantities are in a backlog

The CNC Push Roll Bending Process Includes:

• 3D Model development of part
• Discussion of critical features and specific dimensional tolerances to be incorporated into the CNC program
• Tooling development (As required)
• First article development and inspection
• CNC program adjustment
• Initial production run and verification of CNC program
• Full scale production run

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